About Our Owner

Certified, Experienced Master Inspector

The Principal Professional Inspector, Chris Guenther, is licensed in both Arizona and Texas. Before becoming a Home Inspector, he spent 35 years in the construction industry, holding titles as an Operations Manager and Quality Control Manager. During this time, Chris noticed first-hand the lack of quality and attention to detail that many Dallas area Home Inspectors had. Therefore, he decided to start his own company, called DFW Accurate Inspections. He had much success with this business and earned 5-star customer reviews from 300 clients. After relocating to Phoenix, AZ, he brought all of his years of expertise to Phoenix Home Inspector Pro. Chris is an InterNACHI Master Inspector who is also certified as an Infrared and Pool Inspector. In addition, he is FEMA certified for disaster inspections, so he is occasionally deployed to disaster areas to perform vital inspections for FEMA.

About Our Company

Protecting Our Clients, 7 Days A Week

Phoenix Home Inspector Pro would be honored to be a part of your home decision process and is available to take care of your home and pool inspection needs 7 days a week. We’ve worked with many clients, with a wide variety of homes. This includes working with clients buying existing homes, as well as those who need home inspections for newly constructed houses. In addition, we’ve also worked with many real estate agents to inspect homes prior to sale to help maximize possible gains on the property.

In fact, a good portion of our clients have come to trust our abilities that we’ve been asked to conduct annual checks to ensure their homes are in the best state possible. We utilize some of the most cutting-edge technology, including thermal imaging, to paint a better and more comprehensive picture for our clients. We’re more than happy to work with you when it comes to making sure your home is in pristine condition.